Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

This fantastic type of natural-looking crown is made from a form of zirconium—a member of the titanium family of metals.

Why do we like these crowns? Because they’re much stronger than porcelain and base-metal crowns, which means they’re an excellent choice if you grind your teeth or are prone to breaking your natural teeth and fillings.

Zirconia crowns are solid in form but have a translucent, natural look. They can be fabricated in numerous different shades, which makes it easy for us to accurately match the color of your surrounding teeth.

An added bonus—they’re also more stain resistant than porcelain and other ceramics.

If you have a filling that needs to be replaced with a crown, or an old crown or bridge that’s broken or wearing out, we can give you an aesthetically beautiful and strong result with zirconia!