Appointment Policy

Appointment times are reserved especially for you. We request at least 24 hours’ notice if you will be unable to keep your appointment.

We schedule individual time with each patient to allow us to deliver the quality and personal care you expect and deserve from our office. For our part, this time includes reviewing your dental record, setting up a treatment room specifically for your procedure (whether it’s a cleaning, restoration, or other), and completing that procedure.

We also know that unexpected demands and circumstances can and will arise for all of us, resulting in the need to reschedule our appointments. We greatly appreciate your courteous texts, emails, and phone calls when those times occur, and we make certain to contact you as well when the need to reschedule is initiated from our end.

When a patient no-shows a dental appointment, we are unable to contact another patient who could have been seen during that time because we are still waiting on the expected patient with the treatment room set up and ready to go.

That’s why we ask for a minimum 24 hours’ notice while also understanding that last-minute, conflicting circumstances are sometimes unavoidable. In such cases, we still need to be notified, even within that 24-hour window. Thank you for understanding why this policy is necessary.

No-showing an appointment will result in a fee charged to the patient’s account. The fee will be a percentage of the appointment that was missed.