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We use the Prophy-Jet for superior tooth polishing and stain removal during the cleaning process.

The Prophy-Jet is an air-polishing system that uses a pressurized spray of air and water and a very fine sodium bicarbonate or non-sodium powder to remove bacterial plaque, soft debris, and stains. Your teeth are left with a smooth, polished surface after a Prophy-Jet cleaning, which helps hinder the buildup of future plaque.

The Prophy-Jet is an air-polishing system

The high-pressure water removes dental plaque while the powder acts as an acid neutralizer and pumice to polish off stains caused by food, drinks, and tobacco.

If you want that “sand-blasted” feeling during your regular cleaning, then be sure to ask our hygienist to use the Prophy-Jet on you.

We also offer quick Prophy-Jet stain removal appointments when you want a touch-up between your professional cleanings!

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