Cracked or Fractured Tooth

chipped toothWhen you experience a cracked or fractured tooth, serious damage can occur to the inside of the tooth as well as the outside, and you will need to call our office to be seen.

Our first priority will be to mitigate the pain and prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.

If you suffer a cracked or fractured tooth, you can do the following to help alleviate any discomfort until we see you in our office.

  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water.
  • If the fracture is caused by facial trauma, apply a cold compress to the area to minimize swelling.
  • Take acetaminophen (Tylenol) to alleviate any pain. If there is no bleeding, you can take ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve). If your pain is severe, follow our OTC Pain Management Protocol.
  • Never apply a painkiller to the gum because it can burn the tissue. However, using a small amount of Orajel or other over-the-counter numbing agent is okay.

Our goal is always to save a tooth and restore it to normal function. However, some fractures are so extreme—extending deep into the root—that the tooth can’t be saved. A tooth broken off at the gum line can also be sufficiently severe that we’re unable to repair it.

Thankfully, modern dentistry offers fantastic options for replacing lost teeth: Implants, bridges, and realistic partial dentures can all restore your teeth to be aesthetically pleasing.