Crowns to Improve Your Look

Cosmetically changing your front teeth can change your life in so many positive ways—by giving you a new feeling of self-confidence when you smile, happiness with your appearance, and a more youthful and healthy look.   

Cosmetic crowns require artistry and skill on the dentist’s part, not to mention a great lab and high-quality materials. In other words, you won’t leave our office with a row of square-shaped bright-white “chicklets” that look bulky, obvious, and fake compared to the rest of your teeth.

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, natural-looking results that fit the proportions and dimensions of your mouth and face.

Why Cosmetic Crowns?

Multiple front—or anterior—teeth that are discolored, broken, uneven, misshapen, decayed, or even crooked can be permanently restored with cosmetic dental crowns. You can choose to have crowns placed on several front teeth to improve your entire smile—even if only one or two teeth are damaged—or if you’re just unhappy with the color and shape of your teeth.

The Procedure

While the procedure for placing cosmetic crowns is similar to that of placing crowns to restore teeth, there are several additional steps we take to ensure that your new teeth will look natural and beautiful when you smile!

Appointment 1: Decisions

Once we have evaluated your teeth to ensure that cosmetic crowns are right for you, we’ll discuss and agree on what you want aesthetically, how many teeth will be involved, and what shade will work best for you.

  • If you desire to have lighter teeth, we’ll recommend an in-office ZOOM WhiteSpeed session to bring your natural teeth to their lightest possible shade. We typically like to lighten teeth about two weeks prior to the crown-prep procedure.

  • During this appointment we will also take an impression of your teeth to send to our lab to have your provisional—or temporary—crowns made, which you will wear while your permanent crowns are being custom-made by our lab.

Appointment 2: Preparation

  • Your next appointment will be to have your teeth “prepped.” This appointment typically takes the most time—a minimum of two hours—and is when we carefully prepare and shape your natural teeth to fit your new cosmetic crowns.

  • You’ll leave wearing your temporary, or provisional, crowns, which will give you an idea of how your new crowns will look. Your temporary crowns will also serve to keep your gum tissue in place and protect your tooth structure, ensuring your new crowns fit properly.

Appointment 3: New Crowns, New Smile!

Your final appointment is where we deliver your new cosmetic crowns.

We’ll try in your crowns using temporary cement to make sure you’re completely happy with their shade, shape, and overall look and feel before we place them with permanent cement. Any changes in fit, size, shape, and color are critical to decide during this appointment before your crowns are placed permanently.

We want you to be thrilled with your new and improved smile!


After Care

You’ve made an important and worthwhile investment in yourself, and we want you to take good care of your new cosmetic crowns!

We’ll want you to wear a custom night guard to protect your new teeth while sleeping. Our lab will fabricate a custom-designed night guard to fit over your beautiful new crowns!

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