Air Abrasion “Drill-less” Fillings

If you’re one of the many people who fear the sound of a dental drill more than the procedure itself, you’ll love our air-abrasion technology!

Often referred to as “sand blasting,” air-abrasion uses microscopic aluminum oxide particles to literally spray away decay without the heat, vibration, and whining sound of a dental drill.

Air Abrasion Drill-less Fillings

Also called KCP for “kinetic cavity preparation,” air abrasion is gentle and precise and allows us to treat your decay at very early stages. That means we don’t have to remove as much natural tooth structure to repair the decay as when treating deeper cavities.
Another bonus is that we can often perform KCP procedures using only a topical numbing agent, foregoing the need to use an anesthetic injection.

Here are just a few things this amazing technology allows us to do:

  • Treat beginning decay
  • Place tooth-colored fillings
  • Repair old fillings
  • Repair chips, small cracks, and small fractures
  • Repair and smooth worn teeth
  • Repair broken bridges and crowns
  • Correct discoloration by removing stubborn stains and spots
  • Place sealants
  • Repair minor defects

We’ve embraced the use of air abrasion as a core segment of our dental practice—a fantastic technology our patients really appreciate!