Digital X-Rays

Sirona logoDigital X-ray imaging is another high-tech innovation that has changed the world of dentistry!

Exposure time for digital uses just a fraction of the radiation of traditional X-ray film, which makes this technology a no-brainer for any modern dental office.

Digital allow us to see everything instantly and in much greater detail than with the old X-rays of the past that required developing time, chemicals, and film.

Instead of viewing film on a light box, you see your highly detailed images instantly on the computer screen. We can enlarge, magnify, and adjust brightness, contrast, and sharpness to see even better detail of your tooth structure, bone, sinus cavities, jaw, existing decay, and much more.

Because the images are computerized, we can transfer them electronically for immediate viewing if we need to refer you to a dental specialist (endodontist, periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon) and your specialist can, in turn, share your X-rays with us electronically.

An added bonus: Digital X-rays are friendly to the environment! There are no toxic chemicals or film packets going into the landfill.

Fast, safe, and environmentally friendly—digital radiography is the future now!

Digital X-Ray illustration