implant illustration

The dental implant is one of the greatest innovations of modern dentistry because it replaces your entire missing tooth—the roots and the crown!

It looks, feels, and works just like a natural tooth.

The body of an implant is a titanium post that’s placed into the bone where your tooth is missing—it actually replaces the root of your tooth. During the healing process, your bone bonds with the titanium to create a strong foundation. A crown on top of the post completes the restoration.

When an implant is your best option for tooth replacement, we’ll coordinate with a specialist—one of the expert periodontists or oral surgeons we work with—to place the implant body.

implant illustration

Once your implant body has completely healed, you’ll return to our office where we’ll complete the process with a custom-made, natural-looking crown.

Your new implant will look and function as if it were your own biological tooth!

implant illustration