Whiter Teeth

Who doesn’t want the boost in confidence that comes with a more youthful look of noticeably whiter teeth? Today’s whitening technology gets you there faster than ever!

Stain Removal

Sometimes just getting rid of stain between professional cleanings is all that’s needed for an instant boost in whiteness. We offer stain removal in a 20- to 30-minute session in our office during which we’ll use the Prophy-Jet to blast away stains on the surface and between your teeth.

whitening equipment

Philips ZOOM WhiteSpeed

Our favorite way to whiten teeth with a lightening solution is with Philips ZOOM WhiteSpeed. This one-appointment chairside session uses a special whitening gel and light to raise the shade of your teeth to their highest possible, lightest shade.

The advantages of ZOOM over home whitening are the amount of time it takes—one hour as opposed to several days or weeks—and less sensitivity.

Bonding + ZOOM

For some patients, bonding plus ZOOM is a great way to achieve whiter teeth while making small but stunning changes to your entire smile.

We can add composite material to your teeth to reshape and resurface—or bond—areas you want to improve aesthetically. We start with a ZOOM session to bring your teeth to their whitest natural shade and then match the composite to give you a beautiful, natural-looking result.

 teeth whitening case
 teeth whitening case
 teeth whitening case

Cosmetic Crowns and Veneers

When more than bonding and in-office whitening are needed and where orthodontics isn’t indicated before treatment, we can place full-coverage crowns or veneers for a beautiful result! This is a multistep process that requires a consult, X-rays, and study models to determine how best to give you the smile makeover you desire.

Call us for more information on any of these procedures or to schedule a consult!