Composite Material

tooth illustration

We love using tooth-colored composite material to give new life to teeth.

Thanks to modern chemistry and the science of nanotechnology—which is the idea of working at the atomic or molecular level—we now have nanocomposite material. Particles in nanocomposites have the ability to form nanoclusters—smaller particles grouped together to function as a larger particle.

For you, this means increased strength, greater wear resistance, and superior aesthetics, blending in with your own natural tooth color.

Omnichroma composite material

We use high-quality composite to repair cracks, chips, and decay; cosmetically reshape and recolor teeth; replace amalgam (silver) fillings; and much more.

Our favorite new composite material is Tokuyama’s Omnichroma. This amazing new technology means we can use one composite for every tooth shade. The color in Omnichroma’s groundbreaking formulation combines with the reflected color of your surrounding teeth to create a perfect shade match!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll love about composite restorations:

  • Tooth-colored fillings blend in with your natural teeth and can instantly brighten your entire smile.
  • Composite bonds to your teeth and creates a tight, superior fit to your natural tooth, even making it stronger.
  • Since the resin used in tooth-colored composite contains fluoride, all-white fillings can help prevent tooth decay.
  • Composite fillings look like your natural teeth!
before and after Composite Material has been applied